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First Day of Class In New MCGP Center

MCGP Main Hall

As Salaamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

Alhumdulillah we are finally moving to our new center! We are all very excited and look forward to using our new facilities for the school. We thank all of you for your support, efforts, duas, donations and hard work that has made this dream come true for the community. May Allah bless each and everyone of you and your families.

We are now blessed to have such a beautiful facility and it will take the entire community to make sure it stays this way. The school will play a key part of the new center and we all have to feel special we have been given this opportunity by Allah (swt) to be a part of this. We have always worked as one team and will now need to even work harder in the new center to make sure all the guidelines are followed by the Administration, staff, children and parents.

We welcome you to the new center and hope and pray you will work with us to enforce the guidelines and discipline we have put together. I know as parents you are excited but we ask if you want a tour of the facility it is done after dhur and not during school hours. We have included a map of the center being used by the school to help guide you. The first few weeks will be a transition period so we ask everyone to be patient as we work things out. Insha Allah we ask Allah to help us, guide us and make us successful in the new center.

As our Imam Mendes advised us, “the community must be more beautiful than the mosque”.

Jazak Allah Khair,

MCGP School Administration

Please download and view the document and maps below which were already e-mailed to you and uploaded in the school portal. (We have a new e-mail address!)

PLEASE TEXT THE NUMBER 33222 WITH THE MESSAGE mcgpschool to subscribe to our new text message alerts and updates for the school.

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