Admission Process

When does registration open? 

Registration for the 2020 - 2021 school year is now open! Please check our website, subscribe to our newsletter and social media for the latest updates.  Class will be 100% online starting in September.  Please make sure to read the COVID-19 update below before registering.  When you register you must select each individual grade for each child you register first and then processed to the registration form.  

IMPORTANT COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information - Please read before you register!

Due to the uncertainty and concern regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the MCGP School Administration has made the decision that the 2020-2021 School Year, with classes starting September, will be held online. We will have a monthly meeting between the MCGP School Administration and MCGP School Board to make a go/no-go decision on when to resume in-person teaching.


Please note however, even if the situation gets better, we do not want to rush into getting students back in the facility. We aim to have a proper, safe, and phased plan to get students back to the MCGP School facility. As parents ourselves, we feel the community will feel safer starting the year online. 


Phased In-Person Resumption (Subject to change as COVID-19 pandemic evolves)

  • Start September Online. Make monthly assessment of whether the upcoming month will continue to stay on-line or kids will be come back to facility

  • There will be 2 sections per grade - (A and B)

  • Each section will be capped at 15-18 students. With a school total cap of 350 students.

  • Web meeting platform such as Zoom/WebEx will be used for conducting classes online.


If and when school opens, the following protocols will apply:

  • Students from Sections A and B will come to school in alternating weeks.

    • For example, Week A: Only Section A students from each grade will attend in-person while Section B students will attend online.

    • The following week, Week B: Only Section B will attend in-person and Section A will attend online.

  • Each school day there will be 2 classes: Islamic Studies (IS) and Quranic Studies (QS).

  • Each teacher will take one LIVE class for in-person students followed by one ON-LINE class for remote students and vice versa depending on the school schedule.

  • This would limit the in-person capacity to about 50% students in the facility. Parents can decide if they want to keep kids online even after physical school opens.

  • MCGP School staff who also have their children in the MCGP School will have the option to bring their kids in-person every week with them if they feel the need.

Registration is Final!!!

  • Please make sure you are registering the student for the correct grade level.

  • Due to the increased demand, once registration is made, no changes will be allowed. 

  • If a student is registered for wrong grade, they will not be moved to a different grade later.

What are the registration fees and what does it include? 

Registration fees includes all materials and supplies, online portal access and textbooks.  In case of on-site classes,  lunch is not included.  Students must bring their own bag lunch.  Snacks are available for purchase during the lunch period through the PTA.  The fees for the 2020 - 2021 school year are: 


  • 1 Child - $575

  • 2 Children - $1,100

  • 3 Children - $1,625

  • 4 Children - $2,150

  • 5 Children - $2,675 

Do you have a multi-child discount? 

Yes, we offer a multi-child discount.  It is already included in the prices above for registration and will be automatically applied when you check-out on the online registration form.  

Do you offer any financial assistance or payment plans? 

Yes, on a case by case basis.  Tuition is expected to be paid in full during registration.  If you need assistance, please review details below.

Payment Plans

If you need a payment plan you can choose the option to pay in installments at check-out after you complete your registration form. The payment plan we offer is 50% tuition upon registration and then remaining balance to be paid in 3  or 6 equal installments.  The installments will be taken on the following dates for a 3 month plan - 9/30/20, 10/31/20 & 11/30/20 and the following dates for a 6 month plan -  9/30/20, 10/31/20, 11/30/20, 12/31/20, 1/31/20 & 2/28/20.  

Payment plans by default will be auto-enrolled to deduct the remaining balance from your selected method of payment on the dates specified above.  

Financial Aid

If you need financial assistance, you will need to fill out the form using the link below.  Financial assistance applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and we will ask you to meet in person/phone call or provide some documentation via e-mail which may include proof of income (tax returns, pay stubs etc.) and/or any other relevant documents you feel would help us make a decision.  You must complete the form before you register in order to receive the financial aid.  

Please fill out the following form before you register - CLICK HERE FOR FINANCIAL AID FORM

What is Active and I saw they were asking me to sign up for some of their services? is a leading registration software used by organizations to make the registration process easier and completely online.  We have been using this software for 3+ years and they are a secure and reliable way to collect sensitive and personal data that belongs to you.  

During the registration checkout process, might ask you to register for some of their products.  This is not related to MCGP School and you have the option to decline any offers.  MCGP School is not responsible for any offers or services you independently sign up with on  

Is there a limit on the number of students this year? 

Yes, we are limiting registrations to only 300 students on a first come first serve basis.  We ask you register as soon as possible in order to secure a spot for your child.  You should register your child for the grade they will be starting in September 2020 in their public school.  So, if your child will start 3rd grade in September please register them for Level 3 in the MGCP School.  You must select the correct grade when registering.  There will be a cap of students per level.  

If you are not able to register your child, you can be added to the wait list.  Just fill out the online registration form and you will be automatically added to the wait list once the spots have been filled out.  The wait list will be processed based on the order of request received.   

What levels do you offer and how old does my child have to be?

We offer classes for KG - 9.  Please visit our curriculum page to learn more about what we teach.  For KG, the minimum age of the student must be 5 years old by October 1, 2020.  We do not accept students who will not be 5 by October 1, 2020 due to our insurance policy.  

We ask that you please review our disclaimer forms below. 

An electronic waiver is included and must be accepted as part of the online registration process.