Our Talented Team

We are looking for talented, dedicated and passionate team members to join our team.    We have many positions to fill and are looking to make the final decisions by late July.  A position with MCGP school will require a commitment of coming every Saturday from 9:45 AM - 1:30 PM plus a few hours during the weekday to prep for your class. There are also a set number of mandatory teacher meetings either before school or after school you must attend.  We ask that you understand these requirements and commitments before applying.  Please review the job descriptions on the application before applying.  Staff application is now closed for the 2020 - 2021 school year! 

We are currently looking for qualified Qur'an Studies Teacher & Islamic Studies Teacher!  Please apply using the link below for Staff Application! 

MCGP School Board

  • Br. Qaiser Usmani

  • Br. Perves Rostom

  • Br. Murad Lodhi


  • Br. Faraz Khan - Principal

  • Br. Zohaib Ahmed - Lead Administrator

  • Br. Hammad Alam - Lead Administrator

  • Br. Sheeraz Hyder​ - Project Manager

  • Sr. Saima Asif Islamic Studies Curriculum Head

  • Br. Zeeshan Qureshi - Quranic and Arabic Studies Curriculum Head

  • Sr. Najma Attique - Senior Advisor

  • Sr. Bushra Alam - Compliance & Discipline Lead

  • Sr. Hina Mubeen - Finance & Accounting Lead

  • Br. Suhail Siddiqi - Operations Lead

  • Br. Adam Arif - IT Lead 

  • PTA​

    • Sr. Hina Lodhi​

    • Sr. Amna Malik