What We Teach?

Our Curriculum is based on achieving our mission and vision of building model citizens and tomorrows leaders.  Every year we look to refine it and make improvements.  Since we have limited time we aim to cover key areas in all three core subjects; Islamic Studies, Quran Studies & Arabic Studies.  Each level has different goals and topics to cover so teachers are provided a baseline curriculum and then develop their own lesson plans.  We use a standard weekend Islamic Studies book for each level and supplement with additional books that are relevant and grade appropriate.  Teachers are encouraged to use other resources such as videos, online material, presentations etc. to enhance the learning experience.  

For Quran studies the younger kids focus on learning the Arabic alphabets and then as they progress they start to memorize Surah's, learning their meaning as well as some basic tajweed rules.  In 2018, we have introduced an Arabic Studies course for all levels.   

Here are the curriculum goals of 2019.  We cover prophets, seerah of the prophet (pbuh) and Islamic history but try and tie them back to these goals:

  • How can I be a better Muslim?

  • How can I be a better Citizen?

  • ​Basic Etiquette of Islam related to the following: 

    • How to have civil conversation with friends, parents, siblings, non-muslims, etc.​

    • While eating and drinking

    • Behavior in the masjid and during Salah

    • How to have a loving, caring and peaceful demeanor

    • How to show respect to Allah (SWT) and Muhammad (pbuh)

  • Importance of Cleanliness in Islam

  • How can I boost my Aqidah and/or Imaan?

  • Foster sense of belonging to the Muslim community

  • Discuss Current Events and clarify negative comments made in the media

  • Reiterate importance of Prayer and review steps of Salah with meaning

  • Surahs to be learned with with memorization, translation, and tafseer

  • Arabic letters, tajweed and grammer 

  • Quranic Arabic

  • Clearly explain the message of Allah (SWT) within the surah