Parents Information

When is first day of school? 

Saturday School - September 18, 2021
Sunday School - September 19, 2021

School starts at 10:00 AM

Is there any online option?

Grades K-6 will be starting with online and transition to in-person. Grades 7-9 will be in-person. Please signup for updates.

What time does it start? 

How do I access parent portal?

How will COVID impact the school?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Information)

MCGP School will be resuming Saturday School and starting a new Sunday School.

Saturday School will be regular K-9 whereas Sunday option will be for K-5 grades only.

This is to help reduce the number of students present in-person at the center. 

We're planning to start the school year with Grades K-6 being online, and Grades 7-9 in-person.

However, we will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and update accordingly.

Please review the admissions page for all details and registration link.  




  • Please make sure you are registering the student for the correct grade level.

  • Due to the increased demand, once registration is made, no changes will be allowed. 

  • If a student is registered for wrong grade, they will not be moved to a different grade later.