Parents Information

When is first day of school? 

September 12, 2020

Online classes start at 10:30 AM

What do I need to have?

A computer, tablet or smartphone to access Zoom online meetings, a pen/pencil and notebook. 

What time does it start? 

Where is the calendar?

How do I access parent portal?

How will COVID impact the school?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Information)

Due to the uncertainty and concern regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the MCGP School Administration has made the decision that the 2020-2021 School Year, with classes starting September, will be held online. We will have a monthly meeting between the MCGP School Administration and MCGP School Board to make a go/no-go decision on when to resume in-person teaching.


Please note however, even if the situation gets better, we do not want to rush into getting students back in the facility. We aim to have a proper, safe, and phased plan to get students back to the MCGP School facility. As parents ourselves, we feel the community will feel safer starting the year online. 


Phased In-Person Resumption (Subject to change as COVID-19 pandemic evolves)

  • Start September Online. Make monthly assessment of whether the upcoming month will continue to stay on-line or kids will be come back to facility

  • There will be 2 sections per grade - (A and B)

  • Each section will be capped at 15-18 students. With a school total cap of 350 students.

  • Web meeting platform such as Zoom/WebEx will be used for conducting classes online.


If and when school opens, the following protocols will apply:

  • Students from Sections A and B will come to school in alternating weeks.

  • For example, Week A: Only Section A students from each grade will attend in-person while Section B students will attend online.

  • The following week, Week B: Only Section B will attend in-person and Section A will attend online.

  • Each school day there will be 2 classes: Islamic Studies (IS) and Quranic Studies (QS).

  • Each teacher will take one LIVE class for in-person students followed by one ON-LINE class for remote students and vice versa depending on the school schedule.

  • This would limit the in-person capacity to about 50% students in the facility. Parents can decide if they want to keep kids online even after physical school opens.

  • MCGP School staff who also have their children in the MCGP School will have the option to bring their kids in-person every week with them if they feel the need.




  • Please make sure you are registering the student for the correct grade level.

  • Due to the increased demand, once registration is made, no changes will be allowed. 

  • If a student is registered for wrong grade, they will not be moved to a different grade later.

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