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Student Circle

High School Scholars

🏫 High School Scholars (Levels 10-12)

​Fee: $500
Ages: 14 - 17
Saturday's from 11:00am - 1:00pm

NOTE: This class is not like other MCGP Saturday School classes with graded homework, memorization and exams. This is a discussion forum.

Program Summary: Building Well-Rounded Muslim Youth

This program aims to create a space for our youth to connect with each other in a safe space where they can discuss questions and challenges they face in their lives under the supervision and guidance of a seasoned professional who has experienced the same challenges. This program will also allow them to stay connected to their local masjid and develop themselves as Muslims and well-rounded individuals.

Key Components:

  • Have Fun:​​

    • Make muslim friends and establish deep bonds.​

    • Communicate with each other and share experiences.

  • Open Communication:

    • Supervised discussions allow youth to share their experiences and challenges related to modern issues like drugs, dating, and relationships, receiving guidance from a teacher based on Islamic principles.

  • Islamic Knowledge & Practice:

    • Deepen understanding of daily rituals and pillars, focusing on the meaning behind prayers (salah) and improving spiritual connection (khushoo).

    • Explore Islamic perspectives on social interactions, including etiquette with parents, siblings, relatives, and elders (akhlaq).

  • Holistic Development:

    • The program fosters growth in various aspects of life, aiming to prepare youth to be:

      • Devoted Muslims

      • Responsible children

      • Engaged American citizens

      • Successful students

      • Caring siblings and cousins

Overall, this program aims to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and guidance to navigate life's challenges and become exemplary members of their community.

Have questions email us at

Teacher: Murad Lodhi

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