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Principal's Welcome

In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.

Dear Parents, Staff & Students,


Salam Alaikum!


I am so excited to welcome you and your family to a new school year at MCGP School! To echo the words of my teacher and fellow principal Faraz Khan, this past year and a half has been full of change, including the shift from in-person to online learning. I am glad to say that this year not only will we be transitioning our teachers and students back to the masjid, but we are organizing a Sunday branch to accommodate our growing student body. This new branch of MCGP School aims to provide the same experience as our Saturday branch by using the same curriculum and holding the same events across both schools. Importantly, both schools focus on three objectives: instilling a sense of community in our students, instilling the confidence to be Muslim in our students, and giving our students the tools to have an ever-evolving relationship with their practice of Islam and their recitation and understanding of the Quran.

It takes a village to raise a child, and I consider myself very blessed to have been raised by this masjid community, of which I have been a part of for about 16 years. However, my time as an organizer of different programs at MCGP, as an active member of the Rutgers Muslim Community, and as an Electrical Engineer in the workforce has taught me one very important truth: to be a part of a community is essential to the development of each of us as Muslims and as humans. Helping a community grow and growing with it should be a lifelong endeavor. At the school, we hope to instill the love of the community in both our students and their parents, and we hope you and your family will stay active members of the community once your child graduates, inshaAllah (if God Wills). Succinctly, I hope you and your family are blessed with what I have and more.

As we establish this new branch of MCGP School, we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on what is working, what needs improvement, or any general comments you may have.

Please feel free to reach out to me at at any time and I look forward to meeting you inshaAllah!

Your Brother, 

Zeeshan Qureshi - MCGP Sunday School Principal



The Muslim Center of Greater Princeton, formerly known as the Institute of Islamic Studies, was established more than 15 years ago in a small office building in West Windsor, NJ.  As the founding members realized their community was growing and many of their own children needed to have a place for formal education, MCGP School was formed.  

Over the years the school has expanded and matured and now we offer Saturday classes for students in KG - 9.  Our community has grown from having only 20 children to now over 300+!  The focus of the school is provide our youth a place to learn, grow, embrace their faith and help them identify as Muslims in today's environment. Every year we try to enhance our curriculum, bring in more experienced staff members, hire experienced teachers, conduct training and development sessions for our teachers and try and innovate the way we teach.  


We aim to provide a unique, fun and challenging learning experience that cover various aspects of the Islamic faith covered primarily across two major subjects - Islamic Studies & Quran Studies.  

Your children are only with us a few hours in the week so we encourage parents to get involved, volunteer and spend extra time with their children at home as well to help us reinforce what is being taught in MCGP School.  Insha Allah with our combined efforts we can help develop the leaders of tomorrow from within our own community.  


Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve or what you will like to see?  Fill out the form and let us know what is on your mind.  We want to work together so please share your ideas, feedback and thoughts with us at anytime. 

Thank you for your suggestion. Our Adminstration will be in touch with you shortly.

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