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Muslim Center of Greater Princeton

A special message from the President of IIS.

As our community evolves, the Institute for Islamic Studies (IIS) will — insha’ Allah — be known as the Muslim Center of Greater Princeton (MCGP). This transition marks an important point in the community’s development as we move into our new masjid facility on Old Trenton Road. The name Muslim Center of Greater Princeton was chosen to convey the expanding mission and vision of our organization. We strive to be a vibrant center for our community — at the heart of the community’s activities and in the hearts of its members. This expanded role will, insha’ Allah, include worship, religious studies, community service, educational seminars, social events, youth programs, civic engagement, and numerous other aspects of Muslim life. The term “Center” was chosen to reflect the central role the organization wishes to play in fostering the holistic development of our community physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. The term “Greater Princeton” was chosen to reflect the presence the organization seeks to have across a range of neighborhoods in our region. As the Center expands its programming and activities, we seek to serve as a resource for all the towns in our area. We seek to be a resource for both the Muslim community and for our neighbors of all faiths and traditions. The name Muslim Center of Greater Princeton (MCGP) was carefully deliberated and enthusiastically approved by the Board of Trustees and Shura council. The members believe that a name reflective of our expanded mission and vision is befitting and timely in this period of exciting growth. As we journey from IIS to MCGP, we pray that Allah (Transcendent and Exalted is He) guide and bless our community’s efforts. We pray that MCGPembody the values and spirit of the Qur’an and path of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), that it truly represent the radiant realities of Iman, Islam, and Ihsan, and be a source of inspiration for the Muslim community and for all of humanity.

IIS School will be re-branded to MCGP School over the next few weeks. We will keep you posted of the changes.


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