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Welcome Br. Faraz Khan - New School Principal

We are pleased to introduce everyone to the next Principal of MCGP School, Brother Faraz Khan.

Br. Faraz has been a long-time, respected leader in the New Jersey Muslim community and we are all elated to welcome him as the leader of our school.

Many of you are already familiar with Br. Faraz, whether it has been through his renowned calligraphy and Art Studio in Princeton, his service as a former Chaplain of Rutgers University, as a former faculty member of Noor-ul-Iman School, or through his many community outreach initiatives as a khateeb and speaker over the decades, including being the Founder of Transformation 2020 here at MCGP.

Br. Faraz holds numerous ijazas in hadith and Hafs, studying under the tutelage of Sheikh Sharief Elgamel and has studied at the Hartford Seminary. He espouses the philosophy of teaching adhab with adhab, that is teaching mannerisms with mannerisms and views education as an holistic endeavor.

In his professional life, Br. Faraz is a Senior Geologist with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection where he coordinates with various government offices to protect and mitigate freshwater wetlands.

In his first message to the faculty Br. Faraz said, “Let us pray to Allah (SWT) that he opens our heart and he opens our minds to be the best as teachers and instructors, role models in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (S) May he give us consciousness, compassion, mercy, hearts that are full of love for his creation. Let us be among those people who not only teach but also live the teachings we inculcate and teach others. Let us be among those people who walk the path of the Prophet, the path to Jannah and we do it supporting one another, showing mercy to one another, being role models and learning from each other, inshaAllah.” Ameen!

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