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Parent Teacher Conference

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Saturday, February 2nd, from 10am-1pm. Yes, this means school will be closed for students. The PTA will be having activities for children who decide to come with their parents for the conferences.

You can sign up for a meeting time using the following links, with the teacher's name, grades and subjects taught. If there are no slots available for the teacher you need to meet with, please send an email to with the teacher's full name and we will try our best to accommodate more time slots.

Hajrah Butt (KG & 4 Islamic):

Hamza Lodhi (KG & 4 Quranic):

Saima Asif (KG Arabic):

Amira Abdelrazik & Farzana Metrikis (1A, 1B & 2 Quranic):

Yasmin Zaidi (1A & 1B Islamic):

Amira Taha & Eman Abouhabib (1A & 1B Arabic):

Shemaila Ahmed (2 Islamic):

Hala Abayazzed (2 & 4 Arabic):

Zohaib Ahmed (3 Islamic):

Reshma Omar (3 & 5A Quranic):

Amany Elshaer (3 & 5A Arabic):

Sheeraz Hyder & Hammad Alam (5A & 5B Islamic):

Hamzah Hussain (5B Quranic & 6 Islamic):

Naila Usmani (5B Arabic & 8 Quranic):

Zeeshan Anwar (6 & 7 Arabic):

Safaa Kandil (6 & 7 Quranic):

Haney Hassan/Safia Haddam (7 Islamic):

Nasrin Ahmad (8 Islamic):

Mansoor Zaidi (9 Islamic):

Taha Alamleh & Zeeshan Qureshi (8 & 9 Arabic):

Mohamed Ahmed (9 Quranic):



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