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First Day Of School Counter Background

First Day Of School Counter Background




Registration for 2024-2025 is OPEN

Saturday School Registration: Click Here

Sunday School Registration: Click Here

Visit the Admissions page for all registration details and FAQs.

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What's new for 2024-2025?

What is the difference between Saturday & Sunday School?
  • Saturday and Sunday Schools offer the same curriculum, teaching standards and tuition fees.

  • Sunday School is being started in response to increased capacity demands from the community.

  • You can now choose to register your child for Saturday or Sunday depending on your availability.


Receive school updates via text messages.

  • For Saturday school specific updates, text mcgpsatschool to (866) 912-1236 to subscribe

  • For general school updates, text mcgpschool to (866) 912-1236 to subscribe


Learn more about what we teach and how we build out and our curriculum. 


Learn about our admissions process and complete the online form. 

Parent portal

Access your child's homework, grades, class assignments and interact with their teacher. 

Have Questions

Want to learn more about our school? Speak to one of our administrators today.


Quality Weekend Islamic Education From KG - 9

Who do our children look up to?  It is very important they have the right role models and often times we forget Islam has many individuals our children can look up to.  Ranging from prophets, companions, strong women figures to our local community members there are a wide range of role models the children will be introduced to.  


Attending our school allows children to make new friends who come from a diverse background but share a similar identity of being Muslim.  These relationships last beyond our school and allows them to create bonds with friends as they go into regular school, college and in later years of their life.    


The backbone of our religion is based on the lessons and knowledge we have from the Quran.  Our Quran teachers teach Surah memorization, translation, tafseer and Arabic grammar lessons so children can fully understand what they are reading, why they are reading and how it impacts their daily life. We have external options for advanced studies. 


The core of our curriculum focuses on various aspects of Islamic Studies.  Some of the key topics covered include Seerah of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), Islamic history, stories of the prophets, etiquette, interacting with friends and family, understanding your identity as a Muslim and much more. 


There is no better way to connect than properly learning how to perform the daily prayers.  Children will get a review of the various steps and motions of prayer as well as learning the meaning of what they recite in their prayers.  A fun Salah Chart is provided to children to work with their parents to track their daily progress.


Belonging to a community has many benefits as children are exposed to like-minded friends, resources for support and fun activities they can partake in.  Attending the mosque and school helps them understand their identity as Muslims and gives them confidence in who they are in today's environment.  


Our vision at MCGP School is to help develop model American citizens who have a strong foundation and understanding of their Islamic faith.  We want the next generation to be leaders, role models and positive figures in the community.  

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Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) - Hadith (Sahih al-Bukhari)


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